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Fuck you and FUCK Society, too!

I hate you

Cock Thirsty
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First of all, i'd like to say I'm a hippocrit, and I hate everyone. Especially girls.

Second of all, Suck my cunt, you nigger slut. I'd rather slurp rancid tuna salad out of my own ass than look at your horrible face. Fuck you and what you concider "hardcore" or "punkrock." I don't want to read anymore rants about punkrock because they're all the same, verbatim. I don't want to be your friend so you can have one more person on your friends list to make you look more internet popular. I don't care if you think blue hair is cooler than blonde. I don't give a shit if you think DIY clothes are badass, even though you can't sew. I hope you have assbleeding sex with Hulk Hogan and he rips you a whole new anal cavity so that when you shit it comes out in magical shapes. I don't care if you think smoking cigarettes is badass. I don't care if you think that squatting is hardcore, if you've never slept a night on the streets. For the love of god, drugs will not make you cool, And most of all, I don't care about any of you. So suck my labia jerky.